Snow for parties, entertainment, special events, and Hollywood.

Snow Services

Snow Services for Parties

Impress your guests with a fresh blanket of snow at your next party. We make snow for all kinds of parties including, holiday, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, welcome home, get well, or just a sledding fun in the snow party. Really, you don't need much of a reason to include snow in your next event. Our snow services can create sledding hills or that authentic looking fresh snowfall that covers your yard, trees, shrubs and walkways. We can also do real Ice Skating Rinks with real ice or synthetics. Add an ice rink to you next party!

Snow for Special Events

Sometimes the icing on the cake for your special event is quite literally ice - snow ice to be exact. Make your next special event the talk of the town with snow accents for red carpets and award ceremonies, School and University Events, tabletop displays, special entertainment settings, band or entertainment backdrops, or just a little extra something to send your event over the top. We have lots of great ideas to make your special event spectacular.

Snow for Hollywood

We make snow for Hollywood sets, TV commercial shoots, music videos, promos or just about anything else you can dream up. Add that authentic glitz that only real snow can produce. We've been working in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, so we understand the process and know how to work with Hollywood.

Snow Entertainment

No snow party is complete without snow services or holiday related entertainment! We have many services including carolers, Santas (real bearded or fake bearded), brass bands and much more. Visit the the Southern California Party Entertainment Section of our parent company, The Entertainment Contractor, to choose the best entertainment for your event.

Sledding hills are a great addition to any party

Watch how we make your yard into a snowy sled hill

Watch this timelapse video of transforming this yards into a sled hill for this winter wonderland party. We supply everything necessary to create this huge party pleaser. We'll stack up the hay bales to support the snow and then the snow trucks blow in the the snow to fill it all in. When we are finished, your guests will be sledding, having snowball fights, and in awe of your real party snow hill.

Answers to common questions about a snow party

Snow Making and Snow Party Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can we put snow on?

Grass, concrete, asphalt. You cannot put indoors or on wood.

Can we do snow in the back yard?

That depends on if there is access to the back yard for two large trucks and the trucks must be perpendicular to the area being blown, back to back. Approximately 5 car lengths long. With your address we can usually satellite the area and look at it and if not, photos can be e-mailed to us. In rare cases of difficult load in, we may choose to do a site check. We can always make possible alternative suggestions

Can we make a slide or sled run?

Yes, we usually can have bales of straw brought in to your location at an additional charge or you can provide the bales yourself and our staff will stack them at no additional charge to you unless you have a proper natural hill on your site that will lend itself to a sled run that is easily accessed by our trucks.

Do you dispose of snow?

No, Nature will melt the snow as it normally does in the snow areas of the world. Melting depends on how hot or cold it is at the time of year that it is installed. We install all year long, even in the middle of summer. If you need for the snow to be out sooner, we can hire a water truck to come out and blast the snow away for you at an additional charge. Most clients just wait for the snow to melt.


What happens to the straw after the snow melts?

Depending on the area your straw is delivered to, if we can have it delivered to and the company we use is willing to pick it up, they will pick up the bales that are still tied together as a bale. They will not clean up any loose straw. The straw must be dry, as wet straw is heavy. It usually takes approximately a week for the snow to melt and straw to become dry enough to haul away. We usually set delivery for 1 week after event. Clients usually like to continue to slide for a day or two after the event if the snow holds up (depending again what temperature the weather is at the time).

How many children can go down a sled run?

Depending on how wide we place the straw or how wide your hill is, will depend on how many children can go down at a time. On a usual hill, it's one at a time but we can make wider to accommodate several or more sled run lanes. Everything is really up to your budget on the event. The bigger the sled run, the more snow we have to put on to make it a sound, safe sled run.

Yes, we are fully insured!

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured! We wouldn't dream of creating a winter wonderland for you without the proper insurance for the snow melt! We want you to enjoy your snow memories long after it's gone!

Do you make ice skating rinks?

YES! We make both real and synthetic ice skating rinks. also makes real or synthetic ice skating rinks! Call us today toll-free (877) 254-1268 also makes real or synthetic ice skating rinks! Call us today toll-free (877) 254-1268

Can you make snow flakes fall?

Yes, we have machines that give snow fall effect. This is not real snow, but a non-toxic soapy liquid that gives the appearance of snow flakes falling. Great for tree lighting or entry ways. At night we light up each machine with an uplight to make the snowfall visible.

Do you provide sleds?

No, we suggest our clients pick up sleds at their local sporting goods store such as Big 5, Sports Chalet, etc or can usually order online at Toys R Us.

What else can you provide to make my Winter Wonderland Party a huge success.

Depending on availability at the time you book, we have Live Reindeer, Real or Fake Bearded Santas, Elves and all sorts of Winter Wonderland, Christmas or Hanukkah Props.