See snow party images and a snow video with J Schwartz of

Snow Gallery  provided, not only the snow, but the props, Live Reindeer, Santa, Snow Flurries as well!

J Schwartz : Southern California’s Snow Party Specialist

This winter we’ve had a good amount of rain, but the snow remains on the mountains. Now, normally in Southern California, if you want to go play in the snow you have to travel to a high altitude. But when Snow Parties, J Schwartz comes to town, altitude doesn’t matter. He has the ability to bring a little winter right to your front door.

Viola! There’s the white stuff, after Christmas. Meet J Schwartz, an events specialist for Snow for Parties, a national company and a division of The Entertainment Contractor. He’s the guy you want to call if you want snow at your party or event. Basically what we do is take big blocks of ice and put it through this grinder, as we call it, and it grinds up the ice into really small fine particles like a snow cone. It spits it out into what looks like snow. Not only does it look like snow, it is snow, the man-made variety. Snow Parties has created snow for bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, corporate events, trade shows, and even for high school pep rallies! Can’t have a winter pep rally without snow! Laguna Hills High School winter formal and you can’t have a winter formal without snow! They had snow toboggan, snowballs, and a giant snowball fight in the snow!

Snow Parties Photo Gallery

We create real snow for your party! Sledding hills, holiday scenes, skating rinks, Santa, snowmen and more! We’ve been creating real snow for parties in Los Angeles, Southern California, Orange County, San Diego and all over Southern California for decades. We also create snow for commercial applications like movies, commercials, sets, snow scenes, and more. We’ve done thousands of snow making projects for parties and entertainment over the years. Here are just some of the fantastic photos that our snow party experiences can bring to your next event. So if you are looking to add snow to your next party give us a call or email today!